What is Nanotechnology?

Computers reproduce information at almost no cost. A push is well underway to invent devices that manufacture at almost no cost, by treating atoms discretely, like computers treat bits of information. This would allow automatic construction of consumer goods without traditional labor, like a Xerox machine produces unlimited copies without a human retyping the original information. Electronics is fueled by…

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CASABLANCAThroughout history, the film industry has seen many directing styles and techniques. The early part of the 20th century saw a factory style of film production, but as the years went by, director’s began to employ new and untried techniques in their pictures. One such technique which these director’s implemented was a new approach to the use of the camera…

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Frederick Douglass and Slavery

Frederick Douglass and SlaveryAbolitionist Frederick Douglass was the most distinguished andinfluential black leaders of the nineteenth century. Douglass focused hiswritings on the harshness and brutality of slavery. He describes in many of hisbooks accounts of his own experiences as a slave. A reader is able to perceive aclear image of slavery through Douglass’ words. His writings explain the effectsof slavery…

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The battle of waterloo simply boils down to the two leads going head to head epic about that fateful day of 15th June, 1815 when the armies of France, led by the recently returned Napoleon Bonaparte (Rod Steiger), Great Britain, led by the revered Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (Christopher Plummer), Napoleon returned to France a broken man, Wellington returned…

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Time’s Oldest Debate

Time’s Oldest DebateRaffikkiPeriod 2According to recent studies, planet earth formed approximately four and ahalf billion years ago. Since then, the earth has undergone many evolutionarychanges. Earth began as a swirling gas which condensed to create an immenseland mass. The ancient earth was basically the same as today’s earth except forthe environment. The atmosphere of the ancient earth was quite different,containing…

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